Why using a van on your NEXT road trip is a great idea!

The quality of roads in the Philippines have greatly improved over the last couple of years.

Developments in the NLEX-SCTEX up north, as well as enhancements in the South-Luzon Expressway create new avenues for road travellers to further explore places that they previously found hard to reach.

Despite all the improvements throughout the years, driving for long stretches may still be challenging if you are riding the wrong vehicle. Being in close quarters can make passengers cranky and may even result to disagreements.

Good thing there are vans you can ride which can fit your big family or your large group of friends. Vans provide so much room that you need not think twice about bringing your other travel essentials.


Vans are large and can comfortably fit up to 16 people, has enough space for your luggage and gears and has more room for additional creature comforts. High roofed vans offer better mobility for passengers and large panoramic windows give a better view of the scenery.

Road trips can be a breeze with the help of comfortable seats, pillows and blankets and with a larger room to move, you can definitely stretch to your heart’s content. Remember, a good rest equals a good travel experience.


Travelling in a group with just a single van can be more economical compared to travelling with (2) two or more cars. With just one ride, you save on fuel, toll and parking fees. Try to discuss your route beforehand to keep everybody happy. That way, you won’t have arguments which direction to go.


In terms of safety equipment and structural design, vans are safe for several reasons. One is that they’re large and heavy. Weight is an advantage in collision, with all other things being equal. Structural rigidity guarantees safety for all passengers. Vans with advanced safety systems are reliable in protecting the driver and it’s occupants from many hazards of the road.

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